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Hi y'all! My name is Elizabeth Knicely, but I go by Liz. I am a 35 year old wife and mother of 3 wonderful children. I am also a pet owner of a cat, dog and turtle. I am an avid home chef, ambitious artist and amateur comedian. I'm just a small town girl trying to leave a mark on this world. Welcome to my blog!

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Crock Pot Collard Greens

Updated: Oct 5, 2021


TIME: 8 hours 15 minutes



-1-2 bunches of fresh collard grees (about 8 cups prepared) or you can also used Kale, Mustard Greens or Turnip Greens

-4-8 ounces smoked seasoning meat, such as ham hock or ham chunks

-1 onion, chopped

-4-5 cloves garlic, chopped

-1 cup vegetable or chicken broth, or water

-salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to taste

-1/4 cup vinegar

-couple splashes of hot sauce (if you like it really spicy)


1. Fill the sink basin with cold water and submerge the untied greens and swish them around a bit, and even let them soak 5-10 minutes. (Why? They can have mud on them, or worse, especially if they are organic). Rinse and repeat until the drain water is perfectly clear; drain.

2. Fold each leaf in half at the center and slice out the thick stem.

3. Stack the leaves as you finish them, then roll them up in a stack like a cigar, and slice crosswise about 1 inch apart.

4. Take the curls and toss them then place in the crock pot with the other ingredients.

5. Cover and cook on LOW for about 8 hours, turning occasionally as the leaves shrink down, until the greens are tender.

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