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Hi y'all! My name is Elizabeth Knicely, but I go by Liz. I am a 35 year old wife and mother of 3 wonderful children. I am also a pet owner of a cat, dog and turtle. I am an avid home chef, ambitious artist and amateur comedian. I'm just a small town girl trying to leave a mark on this world. Welcome to my blog!

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Mouthwatering Salisbury Steak Meatballs with Hearty Mushroom Gravy

Mouthwatering and cozy Salisbury Steak Meatballs are a twist on the traditional recipe. I love making these tender meatballs and serving them with a hearty onion and mushroom gravy over mashed potatoes, fluffy rice or buttered egg noodles.

PREP TIME: 20 minutes

COOK TIME: 30 minutes


TOTAL TIME: 55 minutes



3/4 cup grated Onions

3/4 cup Kosher Salt

2/3 cup Panko Bread Crumbs

1 teaspoon Garlic Powder

1 teaspoon Onion Powder

2 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce

2 teaspoons Low Sodium Soy Sauce

2 teaspoons Ground Mustard Powder

1 large Egg

2 tablespoons Ketchup

1 1/4 pound Ground Beef

1 tablespoon Olive Oil (plus more)


3 tablespoons Butter

6-8 ounces sliced Baby Bell Mushrooms

1/2 cup Onion, sliced in 1/4-inch thick pieces

4-6 Cloves Garlic, minced

3 tablespoons All-Purpose Flour

2 cups Low Sodium Beef Stock

2 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce

2 teaspoons Dijon Mustard

2 teaspoons Low Sodium Soy Sauce


1. In a medium bowl, combine the grated onions, pnako breadcrumbs, 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt, and all of the remaining ingredients except the ground beef and olive oil. Allow the mixture to stand for 5 minutes so that the excess liqid from the onions gets soaked up bu the breadcrumbs. Then, add the meat and mix until just combined. Divide the meat mixture into 18-22 meatballs that are 1 1/2 tablespoons each.

2. Add the tablespoon of olive oil to a large skillet and let it heat throuh on medium-high heat. When hot, add the meatballs for 6-9 minutes, flipping halfway throughuntil all sides are brown evenly, don't worry if they aren't cooked all the way through. Rmove to a plate. Add additional oil and cook any remaining meatballs the same way.

3. Add 1 tablespoon of butter to the skillet and allow it to melt. When melted, add the mushrooms and allow them to cook and brown, about 3-4 minutes. When brown, add the onions and saute for 3 minutes before adding the garlic. Let the garlic cook for 30 seconds or until fragrant. Then add the remaining butter to the skillet and allow it to melt. When melted, add the flour and stir to combine. Allow the flour to cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Gradually pour in the beef stock with one hand while you stir with the other hand. Then, stir in the Worcestershire sauce, mustard powder, and soy sauce. Allow the sauce to cook and simmer, once simmering, let cook for 3 minutes or until it thickens just a bit. Then add the meatballs to the skillet (with any released juices that may have collected on the plate) and let cook for 4 minutes. If the gravy thickens too much, you can add a splash of water to thin it to your liking. Taste and adjust seasonings as desired. Serve meatballs and gravy over mashed potatoes, rice or egg noodles! ENJOY!

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